Welcome to Porterfield Farms International

Home of the Legendary Falabella Guille

Porterfield Farms is owned and operated by James and April Porterfield of Evans, Georgia, USA. We have two sons, Canon, 7, and Caden, 5. Three generations of farming and horse breeding have led us to believe fate had a hand in our discovery of the world of miniatures. My husband's family raised dairy cattle, and my grandfather owned race horses. Horses have been in our blood since childhood.

My first experience with these majestic animals was an introduction to horse raising in 1975. At four years of age, I watched my grandfather's bay thoroughbred stallion, "Foolish Pleasure," win the Kentucky Derby, Flamingo Stakes, and the Wood Memorial Stakes. He was one of the top 3-year-olds of his time. Both my husband and I grew up riding and loving full-size horses.

In the spring of 2009, we purchased our first miniatures. As we learned more about miniature horses, we decided to specialize in the rare and beautiful Falabella breed. We are committed to breeding Falabellas for color, Arabian conformation, intelligence, and superb temperament. We hit the bonanza when we were able to purchase "The Legendary Falabella Guille." He has it all! He is a loud, black leopard Appaloosa with correct conformation, dishy Arabian head, high-tail set, and only 29-inches tall. Falabella Guille was the 1st place title holder at the Miniature World Event 1997 in harness and color. Five 1st-Place titles at the Fireworks Miniature Horse show in 1988 and four 1st-Place titles at the Dixieland Jamboree in 1988. He is also one of the original Argentine Imports from Julio Falabella himself. Guille was one of Julio's most-prized stallions and was sold for a handsome sum after many negotiations.

At this time, we are one of the largest pure Falabella breeders in the United States. Our bloodlines include the legendary Falabella Guille. Falabella AF Zumbador, Toyland Casino Chips, Toyland Tamboro, and the Regina Winery lineage. We are dedicated to preserving this rare breed. Our farm specializes in Appaloosa, but we also offer pintos, pintaloosas, roans, solids, and few spot snowcap Appaloosa. Porterfield Farms is not only the home of "The Legendary Falabella Guille" but also where legends are born and dreams come true!