The Legendary Falabella Guille

Miniature Horse Show Results

The Miniature World Event- 1997  1st Place, harness and color

Fireworks Miniature Horse Show 1998 Five 1st Place Titles

1998 Dixieland Jamboree Four 1st Place Titles

One of the original Argentine Imports from Julio Falabella himself.  Favored loud black leopard appaloosa.

Additional Info

  • Name: The Legendary Falabella Guille
  • Registration: AMHA, AMHR, FMHA
  • Breed: Black Leopard Appaloosa 100% Falabella
  • Foaled: 11/04/88 Argentine Import

Toyland Tamboro

Tamboro is an outstanding few spot snowcap appaloosa.  He is the former Irish Creek Falabella herd sire.  You can see this special boy in the "Appaloosa Project" under Near Few Spot Snowcap Appaloosa's.  He is an outstanding incomplete expression of a leopard patterned Appaloosa with lightening marks on his legs (per "The Appaloosa Project"), sired by Portentoso.  Tamboro's grandsire is  Portento, a black blanketed appaloosa with large black spots, out of Grosshill's Comofin, a 29 inch black leopard appaloosa, purchased for $50,000 by the Grosshill Farm.

Additional Info

  • Name: Toyland Tamboro
  • Registration: AMHA, AMHR, FMHA
  • Breed: 100% Falabella
  • Foaled: 05/19/2003

Porterfield's Falabella Foolish Pleasure "OMG"

Did you say "Show me the Money"!!!!!!! Put me in the ring and I will.  This tiny little colt was 17 inches at birth and continues to amaze me.  He is awesome and I love him.  He has super correct conformation and to die for color.  His sire is my few spot snowcap appaloosa, Toyland Tamboro", and his dam is my sweet S Star Seven Diegos Kiss.  They always produce the most beautiful foals ever!  He will be triple registered with AMHA, AMHR, FMHA.

Additional Info

  • Name: Porterfield's Falabella Foolish Pleasure
  • Registration: AMHA, AMHR, FMHA
  • Breed: 100% Falabella
  • Foaled: 7-28-15

Porterfield's Porterfield Jass Mann

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